Century-Plaza Concierge Abdoul – His Story

Century-Plaza Concierge Abdoul – His Story
June 5, 2013 Century Plaza Vancouver

My name is Abdoul and lots of my friends call me hot sauce because I love spicy food. I use to have hot sauce drinking competitions when I was a young boy and that is how my love for hot sauce started.

I am from Kuwait and if you don’t know where that is, that’s fine because there is only 1 million Kuwaitis in the world now.  Kuwaitis are like polar bears… only a few left.

I started at the Century Plaza Hotel when I was 24 and currently work there.

I am 31 and I think the Century Plaza is more than a job- it is like a school to me.  I have learned what unity means and also felt the love from every person I saw there. I can go on and on with all the names of people I respect and love there but it would be like winning a Grammy.

The hotel is located at the heart of downtown and is near all the attractions.  I can truly say I am becoming an attraction myself at the Century Plaza after 7 years.  The hotel has been through a massive transformation and the job gets five stars from me. One major advantage I have is when I get to go to work I get this feeling; like a kid getting a new toy; like someone getting married; like when the Canucks win.  I can say that I love my job so much that it feels like I am not working. The reason is simple- it’s a family owned business and an independent hotel.

The owners and managers make me feel important and they take time from their busy lives to listen and talk to me. I always feel that if you get that kind of treatment and respect, I truly want to make them proud and work harder.

I have worked as a bellman, front desk agent, doorman, reservations agent and also worked on the switch board.

The guests at the hotel are wonderful and many of them are return guests. I always remember the returning guests and it truly makes me feel happy to see them again. I also love interacting with new guests to find out where they come from and how I can assist them while they are staying with us.

I will end this and say that the century plaza is my family.


  1. KC 10 years ago

    Abdoul is a very pleasant helpful gentleman that has assisted me on many occasions. He is an asset to the hotel.

  2. NoreenK 10 years ago

    Abdoul was most helpful to my daughter & I during our stay at the hotel. It was so nice to see a warm friendly smile in a busy city

    • Matthew 10 years ago

      Thank you, we are indeed lucky to have Abdoul here.

  3. Jean 10 years ago

    The gentleman who always greets guests with a great big smile!! Thanks for your friendly smile, chats, kindness and sharing your fantastic abundance of energy. Jean

    • Matthew 10 years ago

      Thank you for your kind comment, I will let Abdoul know!

  4. Kevin 10 years ago

    Abdoul is just the best. He’s funny, he’s fresh, he’s the best ambassador Century Plaza could hope for. He makes everyone feel welcome, and the enjoyment he has for his job is obvious and infectious. Glad to see you share his story.

  5. Angela 10 years ago

    Abdoul was a great help to me and my son. Always making my son laugh and smile when he would call a cab for us. Very nice and friendly 🙂

  6. Eleanor Ocimek (SCOTLAND) 10 years ago

    Abdoul was really lovely and was always smiling. He treats you like an old friend and goes that extra mile to help you. He is very entertaining and I would agree with his statement that he is an added attraction at the Century Plaza Hotel.

    • Matthew 10 years ago

      Abdoul really likes people and he loves the hotel.

  7. Rob Kouwenberfg 10 years ago

    Abdoul was very good in his service. We where afraid to miss are pick-up to the rv company. He called for many times to make sure we had a pick-up at the hotel!! Thank you for your care. With friendly regards
    Rob en Amanda from the Netherlands.

    • Matthew 10 years ago

      Thank you, we appreciate your feedback and we are lucky to have Abdoul.

  8. Belinda Jackson 10 years ago

    Abdoul your smile is infectious and your genuine care and helpfulness are so appreciated. You always make my homecoming feel special.

  9. Jean Devost 10 years ago

    See you next week Sir!

  10. Chara McMahon 10 years ago

    What can I say about the lovely Abdoul, super funny and really helpful the legend that is Abdoul 🙂

    • Matthew 10 years ago

      Thanks for your kind comments

    • Matthew 10 years ago

      He is all of the above!

  11. Aram Karakas 10 years ago

    Abdoul is an absolutely great guy! I walk by all the time and Abdoul has taken the time to get to know me which I really appreciate. Even when he’s busy helping people he manages to send over a friendly greating. It’s nice to see someone take the time to make you feel important.

    • Matthew 10 years ago

      Thank you

  12. Jeremy 10 years ago

    Abdoul is definitely an added attraction to Century Plaza. He routinely goes above and beyond the call of duty, and is among the most professional and engaging doormen I have encountered.

    • Matthew 10 years ago

      We are pleased that he is such a great asset to our happy home.

  13. Ken 10 years ago

    I work across the street at St Paul’s Hosp, and pass in front of the Century Plaza front door and see Abdoul typically several times a day. He is always up-beat and friendly. It is evident he really enjoys his job, and I often think what a great job he has – standing out front on sunny days watching the world go by.

    • Matthew 10 years ago

      Thanks Ken,

      He is certainly a beacon.

  14. KENT DESROCHERS 10 years ago

    Abdoul is a great guy always with a smile and offering guidance 🙂
    Thanks for the daily check ins on how I am doing as I stop in for my morning java fix!!

  15. Debi Boyette 10 years ago

    We absolutely LOVE Hot sauce!! He was the BEST part of our trip to BC! The kids adored him and were sad to leave. We will definitely be back and recommend this hotel to all of our friends. He is a gem of an employee!!

    Seattle WA

    • Matthew 10 years ago

      Thanks Debbie,

      I have advised him of your comment, he will love that you called him HotSauce.

  16. Margaret, Pete & Charlotte Jones 10 years ago

    Abdoul was one of the kindest people I have encountered. he was generous with his time in making sure that he does his job well. . He has a great sense of humour and a ready smile to make the day better. A true professional and the Century Plaza is a better place with him there.

    • Matthew 10 years ago

      Thank you for your kindness, we appreciate Abdoul every day!

  17. Joerg 10 years ago

    We have been to this hotel four times and we felt very comfortable.One of the reasons is that all the people working here at this hotel are outstanding.Arriving here you feel at home.Abdoul is the first impression you get here..You arrive here and he welcomes you in a friendly way.Every time you see him he asks for help.That`s how it should be and Abdoul is one reason for us returning as guests to Century Plaza.

    • Matthew 10 years ago

      Thank you, I will pass on your sentiments to Abdoul.

  18. Richard & Carol 10 years ago

    Abdoul is a great character, really helpful and happy to have a laugh with you. The world could do with more Abdouls!

  19. The Newmans - UK 10 years ago

    Abdoul was always great fun for a chat as our families emerged from the hotel or returned each day. He offered reliable advice about every topic we put to him whether it be transport, places to eat or things to do. I can’t think of a better way to arrive and leave a hotel than to see Abdoul.

    • Matthew 10 years ago

      Thank you for your kind words, our man Abdoul is up for a nice award tomorrow from Tourism Vancouver, he does us very proud.

  20. Abdoul I know how you feel. I used to work at the Century Plaza as well. I started in 1983 as a graveyard shift bellman and worked in all facets of the front desk. While gaining a formal Post secondary education I was working at the hotel and did not realize that my real education was actually working at the hotel. The best years of my working career (most challenging) were working as Mr.Lisogar’s right hand man (his words). What you see today in how the hotel has evolved and the attitudes of staff such as yourself all came from the involvement of Roy Lisogar. Mr lisogar taught me so much and treated me like a son. I regretfully left the hotel to find my fame and fortune in May of 1987. This was the only job in my life I regretted leaving. I did get a chance to tell Mr. Lisogar how I felt about his influence on my life and share one last meal and lots of old memories shortly before he passed away. He told me that he missed me and wished me well and most importantly that he was proud of me. How many bosses after you quit tell you that? So Abdoul I understand perfectly why you are a happy guy! Keep up the great work and continue to be the face of the Century Plaza as I was so many years ago. Cheers, Nigel Walker Ex Century Plaza Bellman, and proud of it!

    • Matthew 10 years ago

      Well thank you for taking the time Nigel to provide some feedback on your history with our hotel and working with Mr. Roy Lisogar. Really appreciate the feedback!

  21. Tim 10 years ago

    Abdoul was absolutely fantastic whenever we interacted with him over the course of 2 nights there. He gave us great tourist suggestions, best travel options and the likes. I wish other hotels I stayed at over the course of my vacation had employees who cared as much and were as enthusiastic as Abdoul. He definitely made our vacation that much better!

  22. MIke Hannon 10 years ago

    I have stayed at the Century Plaza many times while visiting Vancouver on business. Abdoul was the first person I met at the hotel when he met me at the front entrance and he formed my first impression of my stay. If I had to describe him in one sentence it would read: “Abdoul is as genuine and caring as they come.” He is a definite asset to the Century Plaza and I continue to enjoy our conversations when I’m in town. The recognition he’s received is well deserved!

    • Matthew 10 years ago

      Thanks Mike, we are pretty pleased to have this man on our team as well!

  23. Leigh 10 years ago

    I walk past Century Plaza everyday on my way to work at St Paul’s Hospital. I not only see Abdoul welcoming and helping guests and they enter or leave the Hotel, but he always says hello to those just passing by, myself included. It’s actually a really nice to have that first thing in the morning and I enjoy our quick banter as I get to work. The front line of any customer service is where lasting impressions are made, and you have a real asset in Abdoul.

    • Matthew 10 years ago

      Thanks Leigh,

      He is one of our many bright lights here at The Century-Plaza Hotel & Spa.


  24. Martina and Ben 10 years ago

    We stayed at Century Plaza on numerous occasions, most recently at the beginning of November ’13. We had a couple of interactions with Abdul and on each occasion we found him very approachable, friendly and helpful. Professional and at the same time easy going, genuinely interested in the conversations. It’s good to see that there are people who care about their job, and Abdul is one of them. 🙂

  25. Brandon 10 years ago

    I see Abdoul most mornings on my way to the hospital. Head nods have turned into hellos, and now casual conversations. It is a pleasure to see a friendly face in this community, and Abdoul is that and much more. Keep up the good work my friend.

    • Matthew 10 years ago

      Thanks Brandon, we appreciate your comment.

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