2020 – What a year – What do you mean it’s only May?

2020 – What a year – What do you mean it’s only May?
May 8, 2020 Century Plaza Vancouver

The Century Plaza Hotel is open and running in a bit of a different manner compared to this time last year. Far fewer staff for one thing as several our work mates are furloughed for the time being. But we are open, I cant stress that enough 😊

We have signs on the floor to make sure that you are aware of another person’s space.

Our front desk and café both have sneeze guards and our employees wear gloves and face masks. 

We have security at the entrance to the hotel helping guests coming and going. It’s quite different in many ways, but one thing that doesn’t change is our approach to our guests. You are our lifeblood, without you, we do not exist. Thank you so much for the years of patronage.

We raise our appreciation for the city’s first responders to a whole new level. We clap every night at 7:00 pm. In my neighbourhood away from the city – we have a princess running up and down the sidewalk banging her pot and making noise. I’d say she is 4 years old or so. This is her new normal, it’s all our new normal, and it’s a beautiful thing. There are so many beautiful things happening and that is what I like to focus on.

Have you seen John Krasinski’s you tube of good news stories, check that out:


We have come up with a number of new offers for our guests if you call our reservations department directly 1-800-663-1818 we are currently offering daily, weekly and monthly rates, most rates are offering complimentary parking. We may not have room service right now, but you can still enjoy via:

New menu released on May 5, 2020.

Our location right beside St. Paul’s Hospital makes us the easy choice for any guest who needs some form of medical treatment – from organ transplant to a hip replacement or a stent in your heart. Get a good night’s sleep the night before the treatment or recover with us, let us get to know you and be there for you in times of crisis or joy. Check out our direct Medical Rates.

If you are traveling by car and coming from anywhere in Canada the cost of driving here right now is lower than it has been in years. If you need to get Gas while you are here, you can visit the last gas station in Downtown Vancouver, just down the road from us on the corner of Davie & Burrard: Esso but if you want to get the best price for a litre of fuel, download you will be very satisfied that you did.

Canada makes me incredibly proud of our response to different challenges from SARS to the financial meltdown of 2008 to assisting thousands of stranded airline passengers from our wonderful neighbours to the South.

USA in Gander, Newfoundland after 9/11:


It’s never easy and this pandemic is particularly difficult. Our leadership in Canada has been exemplary. This level of mayhem has never been seen in my lifetime, but we will get through it, it won’t be easy, but we will get through.

During the height of the pandemic my wife and I would walk down the streets in Vancouver or along the Seawall (a favourite pastime) and we see people coming the other way. We smile, or we say hello and get a smile in response, no heads down, people are aware and seem to be a bit kinder.

People are trying to social distance, it’s not easy especially if you are a family out walking, but it is possible. Vancouver is not a small town by any manner of speaking, but we seem to really care for each other. 

The West End, where I live has set up a couple of Facebook pages.  One is for images of the West End and the other page is to offer or provide help or information on various supplies. We also use the NextDoor app to see if people in the area need assistance. Shopping or information on where to get toilet paper 😊 What stores have early hours for seniors shopping.

Mother’s Day is coming, and we cannot forget all the moms in the world who brought all of us into the world. Absolute Spa is usually very busy on Mother’s Day with treats for Mom and this year is no different, well a little different – we are not able to offer in person treatments at this time, but we are still able to provide you with the products that you know and love Absolute Spa – Mother’s Day Shop you can also order gift cards for future use.

The Century Plaza Hotel has been at this location since 1973 and the original concept was “take care of your guests like you would your family”, we are a family run hotel and we continue to be here to take care of you, our guests. 

We look forward to welcoming you all back and hearing about your adventures in Vancouver or your cruise to Alaska, so much to see and do in Vancouver.

~Matthew Lynam
Director of Sales


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