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  • Best Masks in Vancouver Hotels

    Century Plaza Hotel and Quarantine Hotels – Vancouver BC Canada

    Vancouver is over one year into the worldwide Covid-19 global pandemic and even through the various hiccups along the way…

  • Does Absence Make the Heart Grow Fonder?

    Do you know what I miss? Family Gatherings Concerts and live entertainment Hockey / Football / Soccer / Baseball Having…

  • Victoria Day and Memorial Day – How do we do Holiday Weekends now?

    Historically, these holiday weekends were like the starting line, the “let’s-take-the-car-out-and-roam”. The weekends that Americans and Canadians (and people from…

  • 2020 – What a year – What do you mean it’s only May?

  • Memorandum – Covid 19 Safety Precautions UPDATED

    Dear Honoured Guest: We thank you for your continued support and sincerely appreciate your business. I would like to take…

  • That’s a Wrap – Summer 2019

    Summer is again coming to a close, although September will try to recreate the balmy days of July and August…

  • 6 Months of Festivals

    February 2019 Vancouver is host to The Just for Laughs Comedy festival JFL Northwest February 14th to the 23rd with…

  • Entertainment in Vancouver is not just Music Related

    1982 was the start of something big in British Columbia Canada with the movie “First Blood” starring and co-written by…

  • Vancouver Concerts Fall 2017

    Vancouver Music Events Fall 2017

    2017, the year of amazing concerts in Vancouver British Columbia starting with U2, who began their current tour in Vancouver…

  • Century Plaza Corporate Studio

    So you want to stay at a hotel…